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Generate your own clean electricity because ... the sun never sends a monthly bill! tm
Friday April 29, 2016
EE Solar Installs San Fernando Valley's largest solar array Energy Efficiency Solar installed San Fernando Valley's largest commercial solar array
The public was invited to see the 100kW system at an event called Renewable LA featuring music and a fully restored EV1 electric car. Renewable LA  

Solar electric PhotoVoltaic system
uses an array of solar panels to generate Direct Current ("DC") electricity. The power is conveyed to an inverter, which outputs normal Alternating Current ("AC") house current. In the daytime, excess electric power can feed into the utility. Your meter can actually run backwards, generating credits that you can use at night. Optional battery backup can provide continuous power even if the utility has a power outage. What are Solar Panels?
Energy Efficiency Solar
(EESolar) has installed more than 500 commercial and residential solar systems since 1989. We believe in solar power as distributed generation -- producing electric when and where it's needed makes the utility grid more robust. The solar installation process involves many paperwork steps. While the solar Customer must be aware of and sign all important documents, our goal is to make the process about as turnkey as it can be. EESolar warehouse and main office is in Pomona and there are offices in the San Francisco Bay and Davis areas. We install throughout Southern and Central California. story

Who Are We?

Why Go Solar?
Save money on electric bills. The amortized cost is usually less than the utility bill it replaces. Your money goes into hardware you get to keep, not burning coal in the desert. It's visible evidence of empowerment from the clutches of the utility. Each solar system lowers the argument for new polluting power plants. Protection from rising utility rates. A Return on Investment of 7% to 11% after all rebates and credits. and, enjoy being on the cutting edge of technology. story
Open House
You are invited to visit our office and warehouse, to meet our staff and review available solar equipment. Please call to schedule an appointment.

Northern California
Our sales and installaion team has been expanded to provide installation services in the Bay Area and other parts of Northern California. Our sales team members look forward to helping with your solar application. signup

Our Customers
Our installations range from private homes to large businesses, from a farm in Patterson, the wooded peninsula, the heart of SF, down to San Clemente; and from Long Beach to Arrowhead and Big Bear. Our goal is to create a satisfied customer base as a springboard to wider acceptance of solar power. We expect to continue providing low-cost, quality solar installations to support this goal. customer gallery

Gallery of Installations
Each installation of a solar electric PhotoVoltaic system is as unique as the home or business it serves, and should be designed to meet the requirements and goals for each Customer. To get an idea of the variety of installations, please peruse the gallery of solar systems. If you have any questions about type of panel, type of inverter, roof installation, angles of sunlight, etc., about any of these installations or about your own ideass, don't hesitate to call and ask. customer gallery

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